About Le Handyman

Having experienced the Expat way of life for a few years, I know that a downside to the adventure is that you might not have a close friend to turn to yet leaving you feeling a little isolated when help is needed. Whether you are arriving to a new city, moving flats or getting new furniture for your home, at some point you will probably be needing some tools and someone to guide you. Some people don't feel confident with handy work, some need an extra hand to lighten the workload and some simply do not have time nor the interest for this and just want it done. I founded Le Handyman to offer my services to all of them.  

As the project grew, I thought it would be helpful to set up a network of carefully selected associates. Expatriates are regularly relocating and we intend to save our clients the hassle of finding someone they can trust with their home improvement projects in each new city. Le Handyman and its partners are currently operating in 4 locations. Our ambition is to welcome you in any European city you might choose and make that new house feel like home again.

All members of our team speak fluent English and French.

Feel free to contact me with your questions.


Loïc - Founder of Le Handyman

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