DIY stores in Lille (FR)

Lille Le Handyman

Here are a few addresses for shopping hardware, tools and supplies in Lille (Métropole).

Big Retailers

There are various options in Lille Métropole. Depending on your situation, you might choose between the following:

Leroy Merlin

This one is my favorite on the list. It is the biggest of all three options. There is a huge selection of tools and supplies.

The only issue is that is it located in Villeneuve D'Asq so you will probably need a car to get there (Or combine public transportation with a 15-minute walk).

You can check their real-time stock online. It is also possible to buy online and pick up a few hours later.

Leroy Merlin Website:

Zac de Valmy, Rue de Versailles
59650 Villeneuve D'Asq


Although Bricomarché, as most retailers, are usually located in the outskirt of the cities, this one is conveniently right in the city center (near the train station). The store opened only a few months ago (in December 2017).

Personally I plan my larger projects as much as possible in advance and use different suppliers for different supplies. Bricomarché is not one of them, I either work with B2B suppliers or Leroy Merlin. However, it happens every now and then that I need something quickly and having the opportunity to simply walk to Bricomarché is great. But honestly their offer is wide enough to cover most DIY project you may have as an individual.

If you live in the city center, I recommend you check this store.

Bricomarché Website:

71, rue Pierre Mauroy
59000 Lille


Same logic as with Bricomarché but now for people living in Cormontaigne Montebello (south-west of Lille).

I bought tools there before Bricomarché opened (which is closer to my apartment). 

Bricorama and Bricomarché belong to the same group, Les Mousquetaires, which you may know from Intermarché. In fact, despite the apparent diversity of the European Home Improvement market, most retailers belongs to only a handful of corporation (Kingfisher PLC, Adeo, etc.)

Bricorama Website:

21 ter, rue Turenne
59000 Lille

Independent Shop

If you are looking for a more authentic experience and want to support local businesses, here is a place you can go to.

Quincaillerie Belot

"Quincaillerie" is french for hardware store. The store is located in le Vieux-Lille. It specialises in Antique and Luxury door handles, stairwell post and curtain rods. If you are looking for a marvellous crystal door knob that is the place to go.

There is something I love about this store that seems to be a common trait in this kind of venture: to the untrained eye it might look like a mess but make no mistake, the owner knows exactly what he has and where it is. Go to the counter and make your request. There is no "Maybe, let me check." The answer is always either "Yes" or "No". And they never try to sell you something you did not request. I highly recommend this place.

7, rue du curé Saint Etienne
59000 Lille

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