Expats Guide to Home Improvement Supplies Retailer in Europe

Home improvement supplies

"What's the French equivalent to B&Q?"
"Home Depot in The Netherlands?"

When moving to a new country, needing something as simple as a hammer and nails can quickly turn into a quest. This guide aims to introduce you to the main big retailers in your chosen country.  

To keep it short I am giving you up to 5 retailers per country. These chains have a very well developed network so simply check which one is the more relevant to your location. All names below are direct links to the retailers' websites.

I hope this will be a good start to get you going!

Feel free to contact your local Le Handyman person for assistance.

- Loïc

Ps. This article will be completed and updated on a regular basis.


Obi / Bauhaus / Hagebau / Toom / Hornbach

The Netherlands:

Praxis / Gamma / Hubo / Formido / Hornbach

United Kingdom:

B&Q / Wickes / Homebase / Screwfix / Wilko

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