Make a folding stool

Spring is here! This week we are sharing these great instructions to make a folding stool. It is a cheap, easy and fun project involving woodworking and sewing.

Start it tomorrow morning and you will be able to enjoy the sun by noon. The stool is foldable so you can both enjoy it on your balcony and easily carry it to the park.

The tools and materialS you will need

You need only a few tools to make this stool :

  • The saw of your choosing: hand saw, jigsaw, circular saw, miter saw... All of these will work great.
  • Drill with drill and screw bits
  • Hammer
  • Sand paper
  • Sewing kit
  • Staple gun

As for the material, it should cost you less than 15 euros.

  • Timber: I used 2 pieces of these 44X44x2400 mm
  • Screws: You can problably do with what you have. You will need 2 sets of bolts (at least 100mm), nuts and flat washers, 4 screw (around 70mm) and 8 nails (at least 70mm)
  • Fabric: I used a thick canvas leftover from another project.
  • Wood glue

BuilD it!

Here is the summarised instruction from Lier. It is in inches as you will see. Despite its inconvenience, the imperial system is still widely used. Since we live in a global world, if you want to get inspired by as many people as possible, it is wise to learn to use both system. Or at least get familiar with the imperial/metric conversion.


Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 11.17.02 AM.png

Get the full step by step instruction on How about orange.

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